Wednesday 2 October 2013

Corwyn Galbraith, Award of the Maiden’s Heart, 2010

Corwyn Galbraith, the aiding Raven,
Gentle enough at the bestowal of rings;
And hard enough when upon the fields;
The bear from the gate of the Skelder.

Baron Corwyn, the worker,
Serving always, his king and crown,
Like the maiden he will not say no
When work there is to be done.

Master Corwyn, of the numerous skills,
Chef and cook, steward and baron,
Most worthy of the northern folk,
I bow to him in honour.

Let all here gathered know the esteem in which the Crown holds its most worthy and tireless servant, Master Corwyn Galbraith, and of our intent to bestow upon him the award of the Maiden’s Heart. Granted by Quillium the High King, Lord of the North, and Dagmar, Queen of the Wolves, on this XXth day of XXXX, Anno Societatus XXXX, while sitting upon their thrones in their Canton of XXXXXXX.

Words by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on “Brian Ó Ruairc, mo rogha leannán

(Brian O'Roarke, my chosen darling)” by Fearghal Óg Mhac an Bhaird, written between 1560 and 1620.  The original text comes from the manuscript RIA 3 C 13.

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