Thursday, 3 October 2013

Drachenwald Award of Arms Wordings


For recipient without registered arms:

Foremost amongst the qualities of a lady be that she be good and discreete, flee affectation or curiositie, have a good grace in al her doings, be of good condicions and wel brought up, not to be haughtie, envious, yltunged, lyght, contentious, nor untowardlye, have the vertues of the minde, as wisdome, justice, noblenesse of courage, temperance, contingency, sobermoode, etc. All these and more are shewn by [recipient], wherefore we make her a lady by awarding her arms, on [month] [day], a.s. [year].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on the 16th C English "Of the chief conditions and qualityes in a wayting gentylwoman".

Witness the will of [king] and [queen] by the grace of God king and queen of Drachenwald. It is the duty and the honour of the crown to reward merit as it is due and so in recognition of the loyalty and service rendered until us by our subject [recipient] we award unto [him/her] all rights to such arms as [he/she] shall register with the College of Arms so that in all places she may be numbered and counted among the nobles of this realm. Done the [number] day of [month], a.s. [year] in [group].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael.

Due commendations from [king] and [queen] king and queen of Drachenwald to all our subjects. Know that by these words we recognize our subject [recipient] who has long governed and guided [himself/herself] honourably in all [his/her] doings. Therefore we have award to [recipient] all rights to such arms as [he/she] shall register with the College
of Arms. Date [number] [month], a.s. [year], and signed by our hands.

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael.


For recipient with registered arms:

Audite verbis [king, genitive] [queen, genitive]que regis regineque Drachenwaldenses. Scite quotd his litteris agnoscimus virtutem dignitatemque subjecti nostrorum [recipient, genitive]. Attamus et assignamus ei ordonis [domini (male)/domine (female)] et beneficium armis [blazon]. Fit manibus nostris in [number, ablative] die [month, genitive] anno societatis [year].

Translation: Pay heed to the words of [king] and [queen], King and Queen of Drachenwald. Know that by these letters we recognize the worth and dignity of our subject [recipient]. We raise [him/her] to the rank of [lord/lady] and grant to [him/her] all rights to the arms [blazon]. Done by our hands on the [number] day of [month], in the year of the society [year].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael.

[Source: Kingdom of Drachenwald site]

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