Monday, 7 October 2013

Ealdormere Order of the Wain Wording

All gentles and nobility, let it be known by all that We, [Sovereign] and [Consort], [King/Queen] and [Queen/King] of the Trillium lands of Ealdormere, in consideration of the most excellent service that [recipient] has given [details of service], are minded to induct [him/her] as a Companion into Our noble Order of the Wain and the right to bear the badge of the Order. Furthermore do We bestow upon [him/her] a Grant of Arms and the right to bear [his/her] arms [insert blazon here if one has been registered] with the crest of the Kingdom. Given by Our hands this [day] day of [month], anno societatis [year], at [event] in Our [group hosting event].

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