Monday, 7 October 2013

Ealdormere Personal Royal Augmentation of Arms Wording

Let all nobles and peers of the realm draw near, and let all gentles of the realm hear these words, that Their Most Gracious Majesties, [Sovereign] [Rex/Regina] and [Consort] [Regina/Rex] do recognize the noble worth of [recipient], and the good works they have done for the Realm of Ealdormere. Their Majesties convey Their thanks to [recipient], and know in the fullness of Their wisdom that no kingdom honour is sufficient for the service that has been rendered to Their royal person.

It is therefore Their desire and decree that [recipient] shall be known to all by a mark of royal favour. This favour shall take the noble bearing of an Augmentation of Arms, to whit, [personal charge of the royalty], to be borne on an escutcheon of pretense, a rondel, a canton, or in any other manner of noble bearing that shall display this singular mark of favour of the Crown.

Let all cheer for this wondrous occasion, and let the heralds now be set to work! Done this [day] day of [month], Anno Societatis [year], from the Court of Their Majesties, [Sovereign] [Rex/Regina] et [Consort] [Regina/Rex] Regina Borealis.

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