Monday, 7 October 2013

East Kingdom Consort as Count / Countess Wording

Be it Known to all to Whom these presents come that (name of recipient), having inspired his/her Champion to win for him/her the Crown of the East, and having reigned as consort thereof from (date of Coronation) to (date of last Court), has earned this day the honorable and noble estate of Count/Countess of the East. Therefore do We, (names of King & Queen), King and Queen of the East, recognize him/her this day as Count/Countess (first name of recipient) {and lord/lady of the rose,} with all the rights, honors, and dignities appertaining thereunto, [most especially the right to bear these arms by letters patent: (blazon or blank space to be filled in later)]. Done by us this (number) day of (month), anno Societatis (year) at (event name) in Our (name of host group).

King’s signature space            Queen’s signature space
Herald’s signature space

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