Monday, 7 October 2013

East Kingdom King’s Archery Champion Wording

(King’s name), King of the East, to our subjects competing this day, greeting. pray know that We have viewed to our satisfaction the archery tournament this day and are well satisfied with all those desiring to become our champion. We shall not trouble you further with awaiting Our selection, but note we have made such selection with due consideration to both skill and decorum as pleases us, and indeed have no other end but to name (recipient’s name) our archery Champion without delay. Witness Ourselves at (event location), (date).

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  1. Please note that the King's Archery Champion is *usually* the archer who places second in the tournement, rather than an archer selected by the King.
    Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood
    Selected by King Tsurunaga to be His Archery Champion