Monday, 7 October 2013

East Kingdom Order of Chivalry (Master-at-Arms) Wording

To all to Whom these presents do come, let it be known that (name of recipient) has proven his/her Chivalry and prowess on the field of honor, and his/her nobility and his/her accomplishments in the myriad gentle skills so prized by the people of the Eastrealm are known to all. Therefore do We, (name of King), King by right of arms, and (name of Queen), Our Queen, hearing the acclaim of his/her peers, find him/her worthy to don the Baldric of a master/mistress of arms, and joyfully receive him/her into the Chivalry of Our realm. and as a further sign and token of his/her newfound estate do We bestow upon him/her these arms by letters patent, to wit: (blazon or blank space to be filled in later), which shall be borne hence-forth by master/mistress (name of recipient) and no other throughout the Known World. In witness whereof We set Our
Hand this (number) day of (month), a.S. (year) at (event name) in Our (name of host group).

King’s signature space            Queen’s signature space
Herald’s signature space

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