Monday, 7 October 2013

East Kingdom Order of the Maunche Wording

Be it known that We, (King’s name), King of the East, and (Queen’s name), Our Queen, have long observed the activity in the art(s) of (particular art(s) or Science(s)) by Our most noble servant (name of recipient), and know him/her to be worthy of recognition and advancement for the improvements caused in Our realm by his/her tireless eorts. Therefore do We create him/her a Companion of Our Order of the Maunche, by these letters and the great acclaim of the Companions thereof. [In further token of his/her achievements do We award unto him/her these arms: (blazon or blank space to be filled in later).] In witness whereof We set Our Hand this (number) day of (month), a.S. (year) at (event name) in Our (name of host group).

King’s signature space            Queen’s signature space

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