Monday, 7 October 2013

East Kingdom A&S Queen’s Champion Wording

Pleasant greetings unto the good people of the East from Queen (Queen’s name) on this festive day of (event name). For it is upon this day that We would recognize a true champion. Not a champion of the long sword or rapier, nor of bow or bridle. Nay, through these words, do We declare that by merit of great victory in this day’s contest of skills, is henceforth, and shall be for full twelve waxings and wanings of the moon, Our Champion of arts & Sciences. This fine gentle shall be a beacon for creativity in this land that is so dear to Our heart, and shall foster ever greater works from the artisans of whom We are so proud. This We declare by Our hand, this (number) day of (month), a.S. (roman numeral) in Our fair (hosting group’sname).

Queen’s signature space

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