Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hostilius Mendax, Award of Arms, 2013

Hear now the words of King Roak IV, mightiest of his line, and Queen Elizabeth I, gracious and refined.

True-born hero of the Northern Lands, HOSTILIUS MENDAX defends Our lands with valour and strength in both sword and rapier. At Greyfells he recruits from near and far Our call to arms. Our arm would vain be diminished without his love of the marital arts.

Wherefore let all those here present as well as future subjects know that We Roak and Elizabeth find Hostilius worthy of an Award of Arms granted by Our hand and seal, at the Feast of the Hare AS 47. We forbid anyone with rash or daring infringe or in any way violate it. Let all who chance upon him call him Lord, knowing that he may embrace all the rights and privileges of Nobility.

By Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr

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