Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jasmine Galbraith, Award of the Wolf's Cub, 2010

Hear, see, read and understand that size and age are no hindrance to fierce heart and strong sword. With well tested shields the sons and daughters of the north have held the Lupine Kingdom of Ealdormere. They are famous knights, mighty squires and sturdy men at arms - swaddled under war-horns, nursed under helmets, fed from the point of the lance; to them the wars are familiar, to them the battlefields are well known; they like the wolf take to the hunt, seeking for themselves honor, and for their King glory.

Proud in the midst of these wolves, a cub in green and black stands. Fierce Wolf Cub Jasmine of House Galbraith! In battle, laughing, you hold your ground, you clang on helmets with your sword on the fields of War and all learn to fear your coming. Future men of the North will look to your banner, and sheath their dented swords, for by your coming they have already departed from their ancestral glory. A fierce beast comes upon them.

We, Nigel King of Ealdormere and Adrielle our chosen Queen, are resolved this day to reward the valor, puissance and skill of Jasmine and bestow upon her the Award of the Wolf's Cub this 19th day of March, anno societatis XLV, while on campaign in Glenn Abhann at Gulf Wars. 

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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