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Kasimir of Stargard, Knighting, 2005

Unto Our trusted, worthy and well-loved subject Kasmir son of Sarnac, of the line of Roak (1), known as Kasmir of Stargaard, greetings from Malik, King of Ealdormere and belted Knight, and from Genevieve, Queen of Ealdormere (2).

Nostrum fidum dignum bene amatumque fidelem Kasmirem filium Sarnacis generis Roacis, aliter appellatum Kasimirem Stargaardiensis Malik Rex Ealdormeris Miles cum balteo et Genevieva Regina Ealdormeris salutamus:

Being mindful of your prowess, courtesy, wisdom and all other such noble qualities that you display;

Mermores virium comitatis sapientiaeque tui et aliter virtutes quod ostendis

Having received in camera the wise counsel of Our co-equal Orders of Chivalry (3), which counsel has been confirmed in Our court before all; and,

Consilio sapiente ordines militum Societatis coequi in camera accepte et ille ante omnes in aula nostra confirmate

Being well pleased Ourselves to wield the triplet sword of legend (4) and to bestow the accolade, We here do elevate you to the station and degree of Knight and do invest you with the belt, chain and spurs of Our Knighthood.

Et nos bene placiti gladium trigeminum fabulosum tractare et dignitatem dare, te efferimus ad gradum Militis Societatis et tibi donamus balteum torquem calcarosque militum Socieatatis.

Concurrently we do proclaim you a Peer of Our realm, a person of great worth and an exemplar for all to observe and to emulate. We bid you perform worthy deeds, both great and small, in the eyes of Ourselves, of all men and of your own conscience, that the poets of Our halls (5) may sing your praises forever.

Idem tempus pronuntiamus te esse par regni nostri et vir dignitatis magnae et exemplar pro omnibus observare imitarique. Te jubemus rerum dignam magnam parvamque  peragere in oculis nostris et omnis et conscientiae tuae ut poetae nostrae aulae laudes tuas semper cantent.

Henceforth we number you among the martial servants of Our court, Our Royal house and Our line. We permit you to bear arms in the presence of Ourselves and Our heirs, to lead Our warriors in battle and to defend Our persons and Our prerogatives. We entrust to you the safety of Our Crown and Our Kingdom, in company with all Our Chivalry.

Posthac adnumeratus famulo bellicose aulae nostrae domus regiae nostrae et genus nostrae es. Permittimus tibi arma portare nos heredes nostros praesente et bellatores nostros in pugnam ducere et personas jures nostros defendere. Cum omnibus militibus nostris te committimus salutem coronae et regni nostri.

We do require of you your fealty and homage, to Ourselves and to Our line in perpetuity. (6) We charge you to listen to the words you shall speak and to live them thereafter.

Requirimus nobis et generi nostro perpetuo fidelitatem homagium tuum. Tibi mandamus ut verbas quod dices audias et deinde eos aequaepares.

We expect you to increase your labours nobly.

Te expectamus operem tuum nobilise augere

We hereafter shall rely upon your wise counsel, as shall Our heirs and successors.

Posthac confidemus et heredes sucessoresque nostri consilio sapienti tui.

We charge you to teach others your diverse arts, both martial and peaceful. To encourage and support this, we authorize you to raise a war band in your own service, to train them and to guide that service. Such warriors shall wear the customary insignia, as you have done while in the service of Sarnac son of Roak. (7) These shall be supported from the incomes from your own estates, armed as you deem worthy of your station and shall support you in the defence of Our realms and Our allies.

Tibi mandamus ut aliis artes diversas tuas bellicosas tranquillasque ducat. Ut hoc cohortemur adjuvemusque tibi permittimus manum belli causa te serviendi conscribere illos exercere et militiam regere. Illi ferent insignia consueta tamquam tulisti dum Sarnaci filii Roacis servis. Illi alentur per quaestus ex fundis tuis armati ut ducis esse dignus gradi tui et te alunt pro defensione regnorum sociorumque nostrorum.

We do remind you that the legacy of each Crown is the Peers given to the land and its people for, as Kings pass, the only evidence of their judgment is the Peers they leave behind. We judge you worthy of the accolade We here bestow. We charge you, in all your words and deeds, never to place Our wisdom in doubt.

Te admonemus ut legatum cuiusque Coronae sit pares regni et gentis suis dati. Quandocumque regis transient testimonium unicum sententiae suae parem paris quos reliquent. Te judicamus dignus dignitatis a nobis tributa esse.  Tibi mandamus ut a verbis factisque tuis numquam sapientiam nostram in dubium voces.

This do We do on the fifth day of March, anno societatis XXXIX, being the sixth month of Our reign, within Our Shire of Trinovantia Nova, at Winter War.

Illa facimus die quinto Martiis anno Societatis XXXIX (tricensimo nono) mense sexto regni nostri in Trinovantia Nova bello hiberno.
Malik Rex
Genevieve Regina

1. The Line of Roak originates within the House of the Baron Thorgrim, high warlord of the warband of Rozakii, which places within his line the High Lord Lucius Aurelius Varus and Master Trumbrand the Wanderer.

Genus Roacis oriritur intra domum Thorgrimis baronis magni ducis manus belli Rozaciis quae continent Equem Luciam Aurelium Varum et Magistrem Trumbrandum Peregrinatorem.

2. This Malik and Genevieve were the thirteenth Crown of a free Ealdormere, successors to Berus II and Marion II .

His Malik et Genevieva Corona tertia decima Ealdomeris liberi succesores Beri II et Marioni II erant.

3. Being the Order of Knighthood, which Order’s Principal for this Kingdom was Viscount Sir Edward the Red, and the Order of Mastery of Arms, which Order’s Principal was Master Worgen son of Thorbjorn, called McGreggor.

Ordo Militorum Societatas, cuius Caput Viscomes Eques Edwardius ille Ruber erat , et ordo magistrorum armarum, cuis caput Magister Worgen filius Thorbjornis sive McGreggor erat.

4. This being the sword  of state given to Ealdormere by the Kingdom of Calontir, matching swords borne in Calontir and Northshield. The first Knight made with this sword was Sir Malik the King.

Gladius civitatis a Regno Calontiris Ealdormerem datem adaequarens gladios Regni Calontiris et Regni Scuti Septentrionum. Primus miles qui factus est cum hoc gladio Malik Eques Rexque erat.

5. The poet laureate of the Kingdom at this time was Lord Gyric Otterhage.

Ille tempore poeta laureatus Dominus Gyricus Otterhagus erat.

6. The heirs to Malik and Genevieve were Edouard III and Genevieve II.

Heredes Malici et Genvievae Edovardus III et Genevieva II erat.

7. This being the Sarnac son of Roak elevated to the Chivalry by the hand of the Knight Aaron son of Worgen while he was King but before he won his spurs.

Hic Sarnac filius Roak elatus ad Ordinem Militum Societatis a manu militis Aaronis filii Worgenis cum ille rex erat sed ante calcaris consequetur.

Latin by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, English by unknown author.

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