Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lochac Order of Chivalry Wording

Let it be known that We Name by right of Arms King of Lochac and Name by grace and beauty, Queen of Lochac give greetings.

We are pleased to admit unto our Order of the Chivalry recipients name. He has shown great skill on the field, great knowledge of tactics and strategy, and he has demonstrated courteous behavior and has achieved a diverse range of accomplishments as well as the respect of his peers. He has gone further and taught these skills and knowledge, further enhancing our Kingdom through armored combat. Through his service he has enriched the play of our populace.

We now bestow on him the title of Knight with all rights and privileges appertaining thereto and thus to be taken in all places as a Peer of Our Realm.We further confer a Patent of Arms and confirm to wit; enter arms as registered with the college of heralds.

Done by our hand and seal this day of month anno societatis year being year in the common era.

Suitable titles ie King, Rex etc Queen, Regina etc

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