Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lochac Order of the White Scarf Wording

Let it be known that We Name by right of Arms King of Lochac and Name by grace and beauty, Queen of Lochac give greetings.

There are those who demonstrate outstanding ability in Rapier Combat in accordance with the Treaty of The White Scarf which holds high the standards of courteous and chivalrous behavior as well as service, and teaching.

We are pleased to confer unto recipients name the rank and Title Don of the Order of the of White Scarf.

Thus We also acknowledge this service with a Grant of Arms and confirm these arms to wit; enter arms as registered with the college of heralds.

We do request that they continue to further the knowledge of rapier with original research and in doing so promote advance the expertise in Our realm.

Done by our hand and seal this day of month anno societatis year being year in thecommon era.
Suitable titles ie King, Rex etc Queen, Regina etc

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