Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mahault of Swynford, Court Barony, 2011

Due to Our exceptional benevolence and Royal authority, and guided by our populace, We Aaron and Rustique King & Queen of Ealdormere have noted the long and faithful service given to Our Realm by Mahault of Swynford through her selfless dedication to Crown and Kingdom and take note of the renown of her character and would praise the virtues that have long endured in her noble person. For as much as it is the privilege of the Crown to recognize certain nobility, We have seen such nobility in Mahault of Swynford We are pleased to bestow upon her the right to style herself Baroness of Our court. And though a Baroness of the court holds no authority or power to command, yet is she to be granted such honor and respect as befits a person of great worth and courtesy. Having confirmed by document and set by Our Hand, this We command all present, if they hope confidently for our grace and affection, that they bear witness to this event and do not allow Our Will to be disturbed by any one. We validly corroborate this Our decree, signed by Our Hand at Pennsic War in the Debatable Lands on the ** day of August, in the (#) Anno Societatis.

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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