Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Meridies Augmentation of Arms Wording

There are among the populace of the Laurel Kingdom of Meridies those gentles who, either individually or as a group, have contributed extensively, far and above the high expectations for Grace, Growth, Gentility, and Nurture of Meridies. Thus We, (Sovereign's name) and (Consort's name), Sovereign and Consort of Meridies, wish to Grant unto (Recipient's name) the Meridian Augmentation of Arms of Three Mullets in Chevron, One and Two, Argent, to be registered with the Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the College of Arms and to be displayed thus: (blazon with augmentation added). Done by Our hands this (number) day of (month) Anno Societatis (Society year), being (Year) Gregorian.

-To be signed by Sovereign and Consort, with space for their seals. This award must also be signed by Beacon Principal Herald, with places for a third signature and seal.

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