Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Meridies Companionate of Bards Wording

Throughout this land and history, the bards have raised their voices in Praise and Honor of Meridies. They have moved us to laughter and to tears. They have inspired us to war and to peace, and given us memory and ideals for the future. On this day, one voice has risen above all others within the spirit of Meridies. We, (Sovereign's name) and (Consort's name), name Our subject (Recipient's name) as Kingdom Bard for the duration of Our Reign and charge [him/her] to sing the glories of Our Realm, to inspire Our people, and to represent Meridies to all the Known World. Done this (number) day of (month) Anno Societatis (Society year), being (year) Gregorian.

-To be signed by Sovereign and Consort, with space for their seals.

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