Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Middle Kingdom Company of the Bronze Ring Wording

To all and singular unto whom these presents shall come, know that we (name of Sovereign) King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort) our Queen (King), right mindful of the superior skill, leadership, and exemplary service rendered unto the Rapier Legions of Our kingdom by our subject (name of recipient), do herewith recognize him/her as a Companion of our Company of the Bronze Ring.

We grant unto him/her all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank, and the right to bear the badge of the award: Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or; without let or hindrance from any person. Given by our hands this __ day of ____, Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (loca tion of event).

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