Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Middle Kingdom Order of the Pelican Wording

Special Note: If the recipient already has arms by Letters Patent (i.e. is a member of the order of the Laurel, Chivalry or in some cases the Rose or Royal Peerage) omit the heraldic confirmation in parentheses.

All Gentles and Nobles know by these presents that we (name of Sovereign), King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Consort), our Queen (King), in consideration of the noble virtues and distinguished service, alike in courtesy and honor as in patience and toil, of our faithful and dedicated (name of recipient) do create him/her a Companion of the Order of the Pelican, to be in all places numbered a
Peer of our Realm, with all of the rights, privileges, insignia, precedence and responsibilities thereto appertaining. (And further more do we confirm upon him/her by Letters Patent the right to bear (heraldic description of registered arms or “arms as duly registered with the College of Arms of the Soci ety”).) Done by our hands this __ day of ___, Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (location of event).

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