Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Middle Kingdom Order of the Red Company Wording

See, hear, and read the words of (name of Sovereign), King (Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (name of Con sort), Queen (King)of the Middle Kingdom. In all the armies in history there have been many warriors who have fought and led from within the ranks, rising to positions of great honor. A warrior has many virtues, such as skill at arms, leadership on the field, and teaching of the arts martial. Therefore do we herewith recognize (name of recipient) of the Order of Red Company. Henceforth may he/she style himself/herself a Serjeant of this noble order, and may bear its badge: Gules, two maces in saltire Argent, in canton upon his/her shield. Done by our hands this __ day of ___ , Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our (location of event).

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