Thursday, 3 October 2013

Drachenwald Order of the Dragon's Bowle Wording

[king] by right of arms King of Drachenwald and [queen] our queen, to the barons, lords, and freemen of our domains, Greeting. Be it known that we have recognized the notable attention to authenticity of our faithful and well-beloved subject, [recipient], and grant to [him/her] entrance into our Order of the Dragon's Bowle, allowing [him/her] to bear the badge of the order, a dragon passant coward sable charged with a bowl per pale Or and gules. [Group], [month] [day], a.s. [year].

contributed by Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, based on the "Letters Patents of King Henry the Seventh Granted unto Iohn Cabot and his Three Sonnes, Lewis, Sebastian and Sancius for the the Discouerie of New and Unknowen Lands" and a letter from Henry VII to the dean and chapter of Wells, dated April 9, 1495.

[Source: Kingdom of Drachenwald site]

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