Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Coronet Investiture Wording

Know all that ___ and ___, King and Queen of the Outlands, have found __________ to be well respected, courteous and virtuous subjects of Our Barony of [Barony] who have demonstrated both their willingness to serve and the support of the populace.

Therefore it is Our will that they be entrusted with Our fief, the Barony of [barony]. We hereby invest, distinguish and ennoble _________ with the dignities, honors, rights, and responsibilities belonging to the estate of a Territorial Baron and Baroness of Our Realm.
We charge them to care well for our lands and our people, and to fulfill all other responsibilities of this most worthy office.

In testimony whereof, We set Our hands this ____ day of ____, Anno Societatis ____, being ____ Gregorian.

____, King ____, Queen


[newly formed barony]

____ and ____, King and Queen of the Outlands, to all who come by these letters greetings.

Know ye that whereas the Royal throne and the highness of the Royal dignity consists in the multitude of wise and exalted persons, and the government of the Realm is the more established the more noblemen there are under it of lofty estate and eminence. We therefore, in our present Barony of [Barony], directing the regard of our consideration to the premises, and willing to augment the number of noblemen by whose counsel our Realm may the more abundantly and sagaciously be directed, have preferred, erected and created, ____ and ____ Baron and Baroness of [barony] , and confer upon them the right to that style for their natural lives. Further, We bestow upon them this day the right to forever display the arms of [barony] in canton on there personal devices, so that all may know the esteem in which we regard them. We do entrust to them our youngest Barony, and charge them to foster and guide our people with compassion and dignity.

Given by our hands at [barony] , this ____ day of ____, Anno Societatis ____, being ____ by the Gregorian calendar.

____, King ____, Queen

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