Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Order of the Dragon’s Grace Wording

To all and singular do we, ______ and _______, Baron and Baroness of Dragonsspine, send greetings.

Know all that ______ has distinguished [himself/herself] by exemplary chivalry, and dedication to the furtherance of the art and skill of the rapier.

We are minded this day to take and admit [him/her] into the Order of the Dragon's Grace, so that [he/she] shall be honored as is befitting these valiant deeds. Henceforth [Lord/Lady]_______ shall bear all rights and responsibilities of a Companion of the Order, and shall be entitled to bear the badge: A sheaf of three rapiers sable, surmounted by a dragon's scale argent.

Witnessed in court, this ____day of ______ A.S. ____, being _____ Gregorian.

______, Baron ______, Baroness

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