Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Order of the Espada de Oro Wording

To all present, or to come, whom these letters shall see or hear, ________ and _________, Baron and Baroness of al-Barran send greetings.

Be it known that the Order of the Espada de Oro exists to recognize and honor those persons who have demonstrated excellence in the art and knowledge of fencing. Whereas _________ has shown such worthiness, we hereby prefer and create [him/her] a Companion of the Espada de Oro and charge [him/her] to evermore uphold the name of this good company. {Further, we convey the right to bear the badge of the Order, to wit: Two rapiers inverted in saltire surmounted by a scorpion Or, that all may know of the esteem in which [he/she] is held.}

Done by Our hand this ____ day of ______, A.S. _____, being _____ in the common era.

______, Baron ______, Baroness

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