Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Order of the Knight Pensioner Wording

The first line of mythical figures can be adapted to the persona of the person receiving the award.... for a celtic type one could throw in Finn MacCumhail, William Wallace, Brian Boru. For middle eastern one might use Saladin, Mohammed, Sulieman. Should the recipient be a lady, there are some feminine legends/heroes that could be used as well.

Arthur, Cuhulain, Saladin, Charlemagne, El Cid 
Be it remembered the deeds of heroes and legends as you hear the words of _____ and _____, by right of arms, King and Queen of the Outlands.

Know ye that considering those ancient paladins who made fortunate their domains with renown, valor, ripeness of counsel and powerful action, are We bound to make satisfaction to those of Our Realm who have ascended beyond the endurance of mere mortal men.

As surely as the deeds of ancient heroes were written on the standing stones, as surely as those stones were worn into the sands of time, and as surely as that same sand oe'r ages is ground to dust, so surely shall the deeds of Our own beloved legends be written in our hearts. Therefore do We place in the lists of greatness Our beloved and trusty __________, and prefer and create him/her a Companion of Our beloved Order of Knight Pensioners of the Venerable Guard.

Our valiant _______, did show us that there is no strength without gentility, no elegance without effort, no knowledge without teaching, and no wealth without generosity. We charge him/her, as he/she enters his/her silver-haired years, not to seek the sweet, soft pleasures of the palace, but to continue to be the exemplar of those warlike yet gentlemanly traits that have made him the living legend he/she has become.

Done by Our hand this _____ day of _____, Anno Societatis ____, being _____ in the Common Era.

_____, King ______, Queen

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