Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Outlands Order of the Scorpion's Sting Wording

To all present and to come, whom these letters shall see or hear, We, ______ and _______, Baron and Baroness of al-Barran in the Kingdom of the Outlands, greetings and all humble commendations.

Equity wills and reason ordains that fighters, virtuous and of noble courage, be for their merits by renown, rewarded. Whereas ________ has long pursued feats of arms and as well in this and in other matters has carried [himself/herself] valiantly and honorably governed [himself/herself] so that [he/she] has well deserved and is worthy that henceforth forever be in all places counted, received, acknowledged, and admitted into the Order of the Scorpions Sting. { We accord all privileges of this station, including the right to bear the badge of the Order, to wit: A scorpion statant brandishing a scimitar, within an annulet Or, that all may know of the esteem in which [he/she] is held.}

In testimony whereof We set Our Hand this ___ day of _____ Anno Societatis ____ being ______ in the Common Era.

______, Baron ______, Baroness

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