Thursday, 3 October 2013

Æthelmearc Jewel of Æthelmearc Wording

As the curtain of night draws across the sky at the end of each day, the stars appear to aid weary travelers on their way. Of all these glowing guides each night, one shines brightest, illuminating with confidence and strength, granting peace of mind to those seeking to find their path. Such is so within Fair AEthelmearc. Our populace is like that night sky, filled with the bright talents of Our people, resplendent with deeds of chivalry, honor and knowledge. We have taken comfort in the efforts of this man/woman. Always a quiet presence, often behind the scenes, he/she in nonetheless omnipresent and tireless when work is to be done. Most importantly, this man/woman is the epitome of chivalry and there is nothing We value more. Thus do We name (recipient’s name) as the (get # of Jewel from Signet) Jewel of AEthelmearc. Done by the hand of (king’s name) King by Right of Arms and (Queen’s name) Our chosen Queen at (event -date -AS)
**Signatures of King and Queen**


Brightest treasures of Fair AEthelmearc, each one a glowing inspiration. Until this day they have numbered only (get # of Jewel from Signet) so rare and precious the qualities that set them apart. We, (King’s name), King of AEthelmearc by right of arms, and (Queen’s name), respected & beloved Queen do not make lords & ladies, companions of any order or even Peers. It is Our duty and great joy to affirm and publicly recognize that which already exists. On this (#) day of (month), AS (year) as we celebrate (event) in Our (hosting group), (recipient’s name) is welcomed as the (#) Jewel of AEthelmearc. In this good & noble lord/lady We see the embodiment of chivalry in thought, counsel & deed. He/she is truly a priceless jewel – worthy of the token & esteem.
**Signatures of King and Queen**

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