Thursday, 3 October 2013

Æthelmearc Order of the Scarlet Guard Wording

Let it be known that We, (name of King and Queen) Rex et Regina AEthelmearc, are most pleased with the efforts of Our well beloved (name of recipient) to improve him/herself and the people of Our Realm through the practice and teaching of the mighty yoeman’s skill of archery. Therefore do We, to the acclaim of the Companions of this esteemed Order admit him/her into Our noble Order of the Scarlet Guard ** Granting unto him/her these Arms: (blazon Arms or leave space for them to be added later) Done before those assembled this (#) day of (month) Anno Societatis (year) at (event) in Our (name of hosting group).
**Signatures of King and Queen**

[Source: Kingdom of Æthelmearc Sample Scroll Wordings site]

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