Thursday, 3 October 2013

Æthelmearc Territorial Barony Wording

To all to whom these presents come, known that We, (names of King & Queen), King and Queen of these Sylvan Lands of AEthelmearc, desiring to maintain the peace and general welfare of the good folk of (name of Barony), do by these Letters invest Our trusty and well beloved friend (name of recipient) with the title of Baron/Baroness of (name of Barony). And We do charge him/her to be both bold and steadfast in the defense of his/her people in war and peace, counting always their welfare above his/her own, as befits the shield and staff of his/her demesne. ** And We do bestow upon him/her these Arms by Grant: (blazon Arms or leave space for them to be added later) to be a sign and token of his/her newfound rank and estate, borne and displayed by Baron/Baroness (name of recipient) and no other throughout the Known World. Done under Our Hand this (#) day of (month) A.S. (year) at (event) in (name of hosting group).
**Signatures of King and Queen**

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