Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Trimaris Order of the Acorn's Glade Wording

Like the strong saplings filled with potential of great oaks, so do we recognize you, __ as possessing true promise in the skill of __. We, (names) Baron and Baronessa of Darkwater, delight in naming you a Companion of the Acorns Glade. Done this __ day of __, AS __________.


Standing strong and tall is the branch and tree
as it stretches toward the wond'rous night sky.
Standing strong and tall is the artist free
within whom such wond'rous talents so lie.

We see promise and pride in your fine art
and honor the hours of hard-press'd care.
We see the lit candle in your fine heart
and honor the skill of specialties rare.

Thus do we, as Darkwater's Coronets
call you to honor the skill of your hand.
In calling you so, we hold no regrets;
let our Heralds shout it throughout the land.

To honor the art and skill that shant fade
so call you Companion of Acorn's Glade

Done this ________ day of __________, A.S. __________ by __(Names)__, Baron and Baroness of Darkwater to honor ___(Name)__ in the field of _(Art)___.

Text submitted by James Highgate

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