Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Trimaris Order of the Golden Lance Wording

Hear ye, gook folk of this Kingdom, and know that ________ has found great favor with Us. For exemplary skill in the equestrian arts, We the Crown Trimaris here bestow this Order of the Golden Lance on this ____ day of _____, A. S. ____


There is much joy to be found in the skills displayed by horse and rider. Such pleasure in found in the equestrian arts of __________. We the Crown Trimaris do hereby proclaim Our joy, and Our pleasure, in bestowing this Order of the  Golden Lance, so made upon the ____ day of _____, A . S. ____.


We the Crown Trimaris are greatly pleased with the excellence in equestrian arts as displayed within Our Kingdom. We have found this excellence in our
______________, and upon this ____ day of _____, A . S. ____, recognize this achievement with the bestowal of the Order of the Golden Lance.

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