Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Valfreya Greenspeare, Ducal, 2011

To the Dukes and Duchess, Counts, Earls and Countesses, Barons and Baronesses, Laurels, Pelicans, Knights and their squires, ladies and lords, and all in the future as well as the present, to whom these letters come, greetings.

Predecessors of sharper memory more experienced in literary work commended monuments of things accomplished to the notice of their successors inspiring by this example lest they slothfully neglect something worthy of memory to future times. Since the memory of men slips away swiftly, lest any difficulty or controversy should arise over this among those to come, We Aaron and Rustique, King and Queen of Ealdormere, do signify to the future as well as the present by these letters represent, that It is Our happy task to create Valfreya Greenspear a Duchess of Our Realm for she is a rose whose beauty and worth are due Our highest honor.

Wondrous is the Majesty of Our Queens. With a soft word, do they inspire chivalry. With a gentle smile, do they encourage courtesy. With humble
thanks, do they inspire a people's love. It shall be known to all that Valfreya, has twice inspired Her Champion to place Her in honor above all others and to win for her the Crown of this fair Kingdom and having borne the mantle of Queen with utmost patience and grace, has thereby earned the noble title of Duchess.

As is due by virtue of having borne the burden of the Crown twice we hereby confirm by these Royal Letters Patent to her the right and privilege of embellishing her achievement with a coronet of strawberry leaves.

And that these decrees may be valid forever we have ordered this document to be confirmed by the authority of our seal, and by the character of the Royal name, signed below. Done in our Barony of Ben Dunfirtth in the 45th year of our society, on the first day of our reign, being the 30th day of April.

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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