Wednesday 2 October 2013

Ysabeau D’Comport, Award of the Orion, Pennsic 2013

TO ALL AND SINGULAR as well Nobles and Gentles as others to whom these presents shall come from Trumbrand and Kaylah, King and Queen of the realm of Ealdormere, that stretches from Lacus Ealdormearc in the South to the reaches of the Far North, and from Lacus Pentamerus in the West to the borders of the Kingdom of the East, send greetings in our Grace everlasting.

WHEREAS anciently from the beginning the valiant and virtuous acts of worthy persons have been commended to the world with sundry monuments and remembrances of their good deserts. Amongst these stands the Award of the Orion, which was devised in the beginning to recognize the skill of artisans.

AND being deserved, Ysabeau D’Comport, in the region of the Rising Waters, is hereby so recognized for her skill in the research of clothing and the culinary arts and granted said Award of the Orion.

IN WITNESS WHEROF We Trumbrand and Kaylah have set hereunto Our hand, and seal, this [ ] day of [ ] in the year of the Society [ ], while sitting our Thrones at the Pennsic War.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart. Based on a Hungarian Award of Arms from 1578.

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