Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Tir Order of the Sable Scrivener Wording

The labors and skills of a scribe with quill and ink, gold and silver, parchment and paint, and the selfless sacrifice of their time, is a benefit to Crown and recipient alike, and to all those who seek beauty. Always may the hand of the scribe who chooses to serve An Tir be as the strong hand of the King and their eyes be as those of the Queen who seeks out all that is beautiful. Make the heart of that scribe as the heart of the Sable Lion, true and sure. 

________________________, praise and thanks do We, ____________ and ____________, King and Queen of the Sable Lion Lands give - for your hand is steady, your eyes find beauty, and your words and art are true reflecting the honour, glory, and strength that is An Tir. Thus, We are pleased to enter you into the Order of the Sable Scrivener. In Affirmation, We hereby set Our hand and seal this _________ day of (month)____________ A.S. _______

 [Source: An Tir College of Scribes site]

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