Saturday, 5 October 2013

Artemisia Kingdom Rapier Champion Wording

As the honor of the Crown must be represented in all forms of combat, so it was that a
tournament was held at Coronation in the Barony of Loch Salann to determine the next Rapier Champion of Artemisia. At the end of the day one true swordsman emerged victorious over his opponents upon the field of battle. Thus do we, ________, King by Right of Arms over all Artemisia, and ______, Queen of Love and Beauty, name__________ Our Rapier Champion and charge him/her with the solemn responsibility of defending Our honor and standing as an example of Prowess and Humility for all those who would follow in his/her footsteps. Signed by Our hands this ____ day of _______, A.S. ______, being the year 2001 in the Common Era.

Rex Artemisius Regina

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