Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Founding Baron and Baroness Wording

To All and Singular do We, (names of King and Queen), by Right of Arms King and Queen of Atenveldt, send Greetings. Whereas, the service of Our Subject, (name of recipient) has pleased Us, know ye that We of Our especial Grace, certain knowledge and mere motion do by these Presents advance, create and prefer the said (name of recipient) to the state, degree, style, dignity and honor of (Baron / Baroness), trusting to (him / her) Our fief of the Barony of (Barony’s name), that Our lands and People may be well cared for and by these Presents do dignify, invest and ennoble (him / her) to the rank and responsibilities of this high office.

These letters being affixed with Our sign manual this ___ day of ____ Month, Anno Societatis (roman numerals), being (modern date) in the Common Era.

_________________________________ __________________________________
 Rex Atenveldtus                                         Regina

By Mairi Broder

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