Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Luxbruder of Atenveldt Wording

Due commendations unto the populace of the Kingdom of Atenveldt from (name of the King) king by right of arms and (name of Queen) Queen by grace and beauty. Having marveled at out rapier fighters display great feats of skill and prowess in the fighting arts.

The honor upon the field, dedication to this craft, and talent with a rapier shown by one of our noble subjects there for do we name,
As a member of our most noble Order of the Luxbruder of Atenveldt

Thus we are entrusting you to uphold the honor of the rapier fighters of Atenveldt. Set and Seal by our hands on this _______ day of ____________ Anno Societatis XVII which being MMVII in the Common Era

Rex Atenveldtus Regina

By Ritchyrd McUath

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