Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Pilgrim of the Desert Wording

There are those among Our populace who strive for authenticity in all things and who stand out in our Current Middle Ages as true denizens of the past. They inspire Ourselves and Our populace and We are encouraged by their example. Thus de We, king name, King by right of arms of glorious Atenveldt and queen name, our beloved Queen chose this day to recognize the efforts and dedication of our Subject recipient name as a Companion of the Pilgrim of the Desert. We trust that he/she will continue to serve as an example to all those in this society who endeavor to inhabit the past.

In joyful witness whereof we set Our hands this day of month, which is the year AS your of Our Society and is also known as the year modern year.

By Cecelia Mowbray

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