Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Herring Wording

<name>, King by right of arms of Atlantia, and <name>, Our chosen Queen, give you greetings. We are well served by Our subjects who give of their time to organize and manage the splendid tournaments, feasts, and other events of Our Kingom. The Award of the Herring was created to honor and recognize those who have distinguished themselves by extraordinary achievement as autocrats. Thus, it pleases Us to bestow upon <name>, the Award of the Herring. In witness whereof We here set Our hands this <date> day of <month> [A.S./Anno Societatis] <year in Roman numerals> (in Our <branch> at <event>).

(* place confirmation text here if required *)

* space for Monarchs’ signatures *

Rex Regina

By Eldred Ælfwald

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