Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Vexillum Atlantiae (Award of the Banner) Wording

The Award of the Vexillum Atlantiae (Award of the Banner) honors and recognizes the ferocity and valor of a group of fighters as a whole, not as individuals. When they fight as a unit, the group will have the honor of carrying the banner with the heraldry of the award into battle.

Right mindful of the ferocity and valor displayed upon the field of battle by <unit/group/household name> in service to the Crown and Kingdom, We, <King’s name> by right of arms Sovereign King of Atlantia and <Queen’s name>, Our gracious Queen, do commend these efforts and acknowledge their worth. Therefore do We, <King’s name> and <Queen’s name> from this day henceforth, do honor <unit/group/household name> and hereby bestow the right up them to carry a banner into battle that displays the following badge:

In witness whereof We here set Our hands this <date> day of <month> [A.S./Anno Societatis] <year in Roman numerals> (in Our <branch> at <event>).

(* place confirmation text here if required *)

Rex Regina

By Eldred Ælfwald

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