Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Lady of the Rose Wording

What glory has a garden? What pride has a Kingdom? Our people's hearts are gladdened by the fair beauty and grace of Our Ladies of the Rose. Let the name of <name> be enrolled into the shining roll of Queens of Atlantia and let her be invested with the dignity and honor of a Lady of the Rose. She has ruled Atlantia well and is worthy of this honor. (Further We do award her the sole and exclusive right to bear arms, by Letters Patent, to wit: <blazon>.) Done this <date> of<month>, A.S. in our <branch>, at <event>.

(*Place confirmation text here if required*)

*Space for Monarchs' signatures*

(I, Triton Herald of Atlantia, do attest that the said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms.

*Space for Triton Herald Signature*)

By Gyrth Oldcastle

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