Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Order of the Kraken Wording

Sailors and travelers alike have long feared the monster of the deep, the hidden might of the fearsome Kraken, whose strength awed even the ancients and whose renown has passed on in lore from the times of our fathers. So too, the enemies of Our realm will fear the mighty arm of a fighter whose skill on the fighting field this day has earned them a place in the history of Our Kingdom, and whose fame will spread even as the salt spray whispers of the fearful presence of the sea's protector. From henceforth do We <King's name> and <Queen's name>, King and Queen of Atlantia, direct <name> to wear the badge of the noble Order of the Kraken, to act as a warning to Our enemies, and a comfort to Our subjects.

(Further We do grant [him/her/<name>] the sole and exclusive right to bear arms, to wit: <blazon>.) Done this <date> of <month>, [A.S./Anno Societatis] in our <branch>, at <event>.

(*Place confirmation text here if required*)

*Space for Monarchs' signatures*

(I, Triton Herald of Atlantia, do attest that the said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms.

 *space for Triton signature*)

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