Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Order of the Yew Bow Wording

The ghosts of those who fell on the fields of Agincourt and Crecy will readily attest to the deadly effectiveness of a skillfully handled bow and a well-shot arrow. In as much as <name> has distinguished [himself/herself] as an archer of great renown and has strengthened Our Realm through the teaching of this skill to many other of Our subjects, We, <King's name> and <Queen's name>, lawful Sovereigns of Atlantia, choose to induct [him/her/<name>] into Our Order of the Yew Bow.

(Further We do grant [him/her/<name>] the sole and exclusive right to bear arms, to wit: <blazon>.) Done this <date> of <month>, A.S. in our <branch><, at [site/event]>.

(*Place confirmation text here if required*)

*Space for Monarchs' signatures*

(I, Triton Herald of Atlantia, do attest that the said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms.

*space for Triton signature*)

By Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen

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