Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantia Order of the Quintain Wording

Horsemanship is a skill most prized and a skill that is hard-won through training and service. The Order of the Quintain has been established to recognize those of Our subject who have displayed skill and service in the equestrian arena. Thus, do We, <King’s name> and <Queen’s name>, rightful King and Queen of Atlantia recognize the noble <name> for [he/she] has shown prowess and dedication to horsemanship worthy of a Companion of Our Order of the Quintain. (For [his/her] leadership, we further raise [him/her] to the ranks of nobility and Award [him/her] Arms to wit: <blazon>). Done this <date> day of <month>, [A.S./Anno Societatis] <year in Roman numerals> (at <event>) (in at Our <branch>).

(* place confirmation text here if required *)

* Space for Monarchs' signatures *

(I, Triton Herald of Atlantia, do attest that the said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms.

* Space for Triton Herald signature *)

By Eldred Ælfwald

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