Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bleddyn de Caldicot, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2011

We, thinking to our and our successors' benefit, since while we know the beginning we do not know what the end may be, lest acts well and piously done be confounded by oblivion through time, let us take care to recall them in memory with virile writings.

Therefore do we Quilliam and Dagmar, King and Queen of these Trillium lands, wish to recognize the skill in martial activity which Bleddyn De Caldicot has displayed, specifically in placing himself on the anvil of virtue, in battle and in deeds of arms and in service to Crown and Kingdom. 

In recognition of the valor at arms and courtoisie of spirit shown by Our good subject Bleddyn and for the skill at arms and noble presence he hath displayed upon the field of honor, do We now commend him and bestow upon him Our Award of the Scarlet Banner and the right to bear the badge of the award. 

In perpetual memory and inviolable confirmation of this our endowment and confirmation, we have had the present page written and fortified by the protection of our seals, with the added witness of our court of honest and upright men, in this the forty fifth  year from the incarnation of our Society on the twenty fifth day of the month of September on the feast day of St. Finbar,  in the Canton of Petrea Thule.

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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