Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rozalynd of Thornabee, Writ

Trusty and well beloved: We Nigel King and Adrielle Queen be credibly informed that by the hand of Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees many beautiful works have been wrought.

Wherever she has traveled, this noble lady has brought knowledge and shared it freely. Greatly have she enriched the beauty and splendor of Our Lands to Our right great pleasure.

On the advice of Our most noble Order of the Laurel, We do hereby charge her to sit vigil in contemplation that she may contemplate elevation to this Peerage. This candidate is to come before the Crown at an event of her choosing to answer to such matters and declare unto all her intent.

This We so decree this 24th day of April AS *** 

By HRM Adrielle Kerrec

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