Monday, 7 October 2013

Caid Order of the Argent Arrow Wording

Greeting and benison unto all who read these presents, from King's name and Queen's name, King and Queen of the Sovereign Realm of Caid. Insofaras he/she hath demonstrated exceptional skill on the archery range, and well pleased by his/her gentle demeanor, We do hereby elevate Our subject Name to the Order of the Argent Arrow of Caid, and for which We do publicly commend him/her. [As token of Our commendation, We hereby award him/her the arms Blazon.] By Our hand and seal this date day of month, Anno Societatis SCA year, which is AD year by the common reckoning.

_____________________________     _____________________________
King's Name, Rex Caidis                      Queen's name, Regina Caidis 
Crescent Principal Herald, Kingdom of Caid

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