Monday, 7 October 2013

Caid Order of the Duellist Wording

Unto all gentles and nobles of the Known World throughout, We, King's name and Queen's name, King and Queen of the Realm of Caid, send Our greeting and good wishes. For that he/she hath displayed great skill with the rapier, and behaved gently and in accord with the code duello, We do by these presents admit Our subject Name to the Order of the Duellist of Caid. We do publicly commend him/her for his/her prowess and presence, being well pleased by the same. [And as a mark of Our pleasure, We hereby award him/her the arms Blazon.] Given under Our hand and seal this date day of month, Anno Societatis SCA year, which is the Gregorian year AD year.

_____________________________     _____________________________
King's Name, Rex Caidis                      Queen's name, Regina Caidis 
Crescent Principal Herald, Kingdom of Caid

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