Monday, 7 October 2013

Ealdormere Court Baron/Baroness Wording

Be it known by all that We, [Sovereign] and [Consort], [King/Queen] and [Queen/King] of the Lupine Kingdom of Ealdormere, send greetings from Our [group hosting event] at [event]. It is the privilege of the Crown to recognize certain nobility, and We have seen such nobility in [recipient], by [reasons for award]. We do therefore declare [him/her] to be a [Baron(ess)] of Our court. And though by this rank [he/she] shall hold no authority or power to command, so shall [he/she] be granted such honour and respect as befits a person of great worth and courtesy. Henceforth [he/she] may be addressed as "Your Excellency", and may wear a coronet of silver ornamented with six pearls. This do We affirm by our hands and seal this [day] day of [month], anno societatis [year].

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