Monday, 7 October 2013

Ealdormere Other Option for Orders Wording

Proclaim to all gentles and nobles and let it be known by these present letters that We, [Sovereign] and [Consort], [King/Queen] and [Queen/King] of these mighty lands known as Ealdormere, send due commendations and greetings. We hope not only to embellish, but to increase the dignity of Our lands when We dispense titles of honour among noble, discreet and valiant persons. Wherefore We have directed the regard of Our consideration to [recipient] who has rendered to us and Our Kingdom not only useful but fruitful and honourable services. We do prefer and create [him/her] by Grant of Arms, A Companion of the Order of High Merit for [Service/Arts and Sciences/Martial Arts]: [leave blank space for award name]. [He/She] shall receive all honours, duties and privileges as are conveyed by this station including the right to bear the badge of the Order. The College of Arms having approved: [blazon] for [his/her] sole and unique use, the Honourable [Lord/Lady] [recipient] shall bear these Arms with the Crest of the Kingdom as a sign of Our high favour (Or, if the recipient has not passed Arms: It is Our will that the Honourable [Lord/Lady] [recipient] consult with Ourselves and Our heralds in order that [he/she] might determine suitable and unique Arms.) Done by Our hands this [day] day of [month], Anno Societatis [year].

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